Cortijo SF

The Cortijo San Francisco is a space located in a leafy enclave, with Mediterranean forest, and in the process of restoration for its adaptation to celebrations of events that required the provision of a special environment to each area.

Field movements were carried out respecting the useful vegetation and a certain vegetal catalog was added that perfectly complemented the landscape. The farmhouse was thus hidden from the views of the outside and the passage of vehicles turning it into an isolated and magical place, which conveyed to the visitor the idea that it had been transported to a very distant place.

Cortijo San Francisco
The site:
• Leafy enclave with Mediterranean forest.
• Site being flipped into an event center.

The work:
• Ground shiftings, using and respecting existing vegetation.
• Added vegetation to complement the landscape.
• Creation of a natural privacy fence to give the farmhouse a buffer from the exterior.